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I have taken supplements based on my own DNA for over 6 years. Not only do I feel great and love what they do for my energy and overall well being, but I know for a fact what my body needs from a cellular standpoint. I no longer go to the store and have to guess!

- Tina M

Prior to this designer nutrition, I couldn't eat without horrible cramping and always needed to be close to a bathroom. I have IBS and it controlled my life. With these custom supplements, I was able to comfortably manage my IBS for the first time! I had so much energy and am so happy that I no longer care about the logistics of the nearest restroom!

- Diane B

I am a Chiropractor with over 20 years of active clinical practice and very excited to share with everyone about this product that provides each individual with precision & personalized nutrition based on their DNA Blueprint! No More Guessing with YOUR Nutrition…… EVER!!

- Dr. C